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Satellite Direct is the #1 Best TV Guide for Directv

If you have satellite TV this is the magazine for you. Find out when your favorite movies, shows and sitcoms will be on. Catch your favorite sports team in action. Never browse through channels again subscribe to SATELLITE DIRECT MAGAZINE today. Satellite Direct Magazine is the number one guide to DIRECTV Dish! Satellite Direct has 24 hour grids for all time zones and daily payperview listings. Satellite Direct also includes programming highlights and a list of Best Bets for each and every day. Within the grids, readers will find exclusive symbols letting the reader know which movies are wide-screen, Oscar-nominated, and Oscar-winning. In each Satellite Direct readers will find a pull out directory, sports schedules, movie reviews and a feature cover story within about current television programs and movies. Renew your current Satellite Direct subscription and your existing subscription will be extended by the number of issues you purchase. Order a gift subscription and we'll send a free gift card with your personal message to accompany your Satellite Direct gift subscription. You can also select the date to have us send your electronic gift card. You can also order other Entertainment and TV magazines for yourself, or your business. We've got excellent prices for reception rooms and waiting rooms, professional offices like dentists, doctor offices, health clubs, gyms, beauty and hair salons. Get one bill and make just one payment for all your magazine subscriptions. We will send you a renewal reminder when your subscription is about to run out. Take advantage of our cheap Satellite Direct magazine subscription prices today and and have your Satellite Direct magazine delivered for a whole year.

Satellite Direct Magazine - 12 issues

Satellite DIRECT is published monthly by Captive Media Inc. Satellite DIRECT is a unique and comprehensive programming guide exclusively for owners of a DIRECTV® satellite system. Satellite DIRECT Magazine is available both as a print an an electronic publication.

Every month, Satellite DIRECT offers 300 pages of easy-to-read listings, thousands of movies at your fingertips, comprehensive sports schedules, expert advice and tech tips, Hollywood highlights and celebrity news, and trivia fun to better help you maximize your DIRECTV system.
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